Robin Parry is a theologian best known for advocating universalism. But more recently he’s turned his attention to writing about The Biblical Cosmos. In this book he systematically lays out all the weirdness of the biblical universe, with its flat earth, the dead residing underneath it and God residing above a solid sky dome. Oh, and there’s sea monsters and angel-stars for good measure. The question is then, how do we relate to a God who lives in this universe?

Image provided by Robin Parry. Used with permission.


The Biblical Cosmos: A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Weird and Wonderful World of the Bible

The Evangelical Universalist: The Biblical Hope That God’s Love Will Save Us All


“I think if we have confidence in the scriptures as the word of God then we can be free to let the text be something else, and that’s precisely how it challenges us.”

“This idea of the cosmos that you see in the bible is one in which ordinary everyday things like river and streams and moving around physical space is invested with meaning and all of these things point not away from themselves, but beyond themselves, to God.”

“I became quite comfortable with the idea that God could speak through a myth that isn’t necessarily true at a literal historical level.”

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