Easter is upon us again, so we thought it was a fine time to look at the atonement again. So we popped over to Bristol to chat with Alan Mann. Alan asks the question, what could the atonement mean for a society that doesn’t consider itself sinful in any traditional sense. Rather than ‘sin’ Alan believes the issue we now face is shame and it is this that Jesus’s death needs to set us free from. So tune in for an intriguing conversation.

Interview starts at 5m 39s

Image provided by Alan Mann. Used with permission.


Atonement for a Sinless Society


“The christian community sometimes defines what sin has to be which feels quite narrow, we have a way of talking about sin which I think biblically has become quite narrow… it’s become trivialised, people don’t really see themselves as sinful.”

“I think people do understand that they’re not doing this ‘being human thing’ in the way it should be done. For me that’s where the gospel becomes relevant because Jesus did do this ‘being human thing’ in the way it should be done, in the way God intended.” 

“There’s a sense in which we could say that if somebody is not reconciled to themselves, then how can they be reconciled to someone else, or to god.”


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  1. Harry Jacobson Apr 23, 2016

    Wayne Jacobsen says:
    What really happened on the cross? Much of Christianity has postured God as an angry, bloodthirsty deity needing to satisfy his justice by crushing the most innocent human who had ever lived. But what if it wasn’t that? What if Father and Son were working together to destroy sin in the human race, so that we could make peace with God and each other in this broken world?

    Understanding the cross as a cure for sin, rather than a punishment of it lies at the core of everything I believe and have experienced about God’s love. I cover it in He Loves Me and in greater detail in Transitions, free recordings available here.


    I say:

    Especially 2,3 and 4 in the transition series. These were a revelation to me, sin and shame.

    • This is great, thanks so much Wayne. ‘He Loves Me’ is next on my reading list. Looking forward to it.


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