The question ‘who is God?’ used to be the starting point for religious reflection, but increasingly spiritual seekers are concerning themselves with the question ‘where is God?’. We ask historian, religious commentator and author Diana Butler Bass about her faith journey and how her shift from a vertical to a horizontal theology dramatically reshaped her faith and understanding of Church.

Image provided by Diana Butler Bass. Used with permission.

If you want more from Diana (and we know you do), check out her website and many excellent books. And if you want to dig deeper into the issues raised in this episode, then grab copy of the excellent Grounded: Finding God in the World. 

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4 comments on “Diana Butler Bass – A Horizontal Church for a Horizontal Spirituality (N125)

  1. Judy Gale Jul 10, 2016

    I found this interview very refreshing, and I know I will listen to it several times more because it so resonates with my own journey and current thought processes on the topics discussed.
    Thank you, Tim, Dave, and Diana Butler Bass!!!

    • So glad you found it helpful, Judy. Like you, Diana really put into words where I’m at in my faith journey! Tim

  2. David Cashmore Jul 11, 2016

    Thanks guys for your thoughtful podcast. I appreciate (mostly!) the challenge that the interviewees bring. I am listening to the podcast where you interview Diana Butler Bass. I found what she said very interesting and understand I think how she has got to where she is. I have asked many of the same questions at various times. The most intriguing thing about the interview is that she never mentioned Jesus (maybe one mention of Christ). When she quoted “where two or three…” she applied it to God rather than mentioning Jesus. You guys then continued the conversation referring to the communion table without mentioning Jesus. As Christians (Jesus Christ-ians, followers of Jesus), how we know God is knowing Jesus. The incarnation is how God becomes “with us”. We know God through the Spirit of Jesus because we are “in Christ”. Any search for an experience of God that is not Christo-centric seems to me to be doomed to failure. I am still listening with 3 minutes to go to the end and you have still not mentioned Jesus. Isn’t that a little strange for a Christian podcast? (Ahhh at 2:43 a mention of Jesus.) Blessings. David.

    • Hi David,
      Thanks for dropping us a line. Glad you’ve been finding the podcast helpful.
      Me and Dave very much consider ourselves followers of Jesus. The only reason we wouldn’t explicitly mention Jesus by name is that we both know who we’re referring to when we say ‘God’, i.e. we’re referring to the God that is revealed in Jesus. So because it’s a Christian podcast, and we largely interview Christians and our audience are predominantly christians, we assume people know what we mean when we say ‘God’. Hope that makes sense. Tim

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