Is faith based purely on belief, and a strong faith holding to those beliefs with certainty? If so, what happens when our beliefs evolve and shift? Prof. Peter Enns  believes that we’ve misunderstood the nature of faith, and it is actually trust rather than certainty that lays at it’s heart. And it is this trust that can withstand the inevitable uncertainties, questions, and doubts that come our way. So tune in for a really engaging conversation.

Image provided by Baker Publishing. Used with permission.
If you want to dig deeper into the issues raised in the interview then get yourself a copy of Pete’s book The Sin of Certainty.  It really is a must read for anyone who’s struggled with doubt and uncertainty. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in this regard. And while you’re at it, make sure you read all his other books as well, especially The Bible Tells Me So. Oh, and have a look at his blog. And you’ll also want to have a read of the excellent guest blog post he wrote for us Faith in Doubt.

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7 comments on “Pete Enns – The Sin of Certainty (N126)

  1. Judy Gale Jul 24, 2016

    Pete Enns speaks for many of us who have had similar faith/doubt journeys

  2. Ed Freshwater Aug 4, 2016

    Great interview (as usual), really reminded me on some stuff I’ve heard from Peter Rollins too.

    I keep thinking I’d like to sit and listen to Nomad with other folk from my house church, but then after a minute it’s a bunch of people sat in a room listening to the radio and avoiding eye contact, which would get a bit weird.

    Oh well, it makes my head happy to listen to you all.

    • Hey Ed,
      Great to hear from you again! We really should meet up sometime.
      Glad the interviews are still providing you with happiness!
      I have heard of a few people who use Nomad in their house groups. But like you, I think it could be a bit weird.

      • Ed Freshwater Aug 4, 2016

        Any time you’re in town, I’ll get the kettle on*

        *unless I’m at work, out shopping, or cycling, or running or visiting someone else or on holiday or otherwise engaged or asleep or not in the mood.

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