Stuart Murray is chair of the Anabaptist Network in the UK. So we thought he’d be the person to ask what’s so special about the Anabaptists tradition, and what it has to say to us about how to live in our post-Christendom  world.

Image provided by Stuart Murray. Used with permission.


The Naked Anabaptist


“The table is a place of community building, of friendship, of openness and of equality. Things happen around the table. They don’t happen when you’re sitting in rows of pews. And so food and the sharing of hospitality has been a particularly important aspect of community building within the Anabaptist tradition.”

“I don’t think making church ‘easy’ is necessarily the way forward. I do think there is something about building communities that are very open at the edges – so people are free to come in and see what goes on and journey with the community before they’ve worked out what they believe about Christian faith – but communities that are also strong at the core, that are deep in their commitment to each other, that are clear in their convictions, and that are countercultural. I think there is something about presenting an alternative vision to a society that is losing its moorings in lots of ways.”


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