Robin Parry is an evangelical, but unlike many evangelicals he doesn’t believe that Hell and death is the end of the story for the majority of humanity. Instead he believes the Bible teaches that we will all ultimately be reconciled to God and enjoy eternity with him. Tune in for a fascinating conversation.

Image provided by Robin Parry. Used with permission.


The Evangelical Universalist: The Biblical Hope That God’s Love Will Save us All


“For a Christian universalist, you can only conceive of salvation as being through Jesus. There isn’t any salvation outside of that route. What I’m saying is that in the end everybody will find salvation through Jesus.”

“One of the great ironies is I take the tradition very seriously and so my default assumption is if the mainstream view in the church throughout history has been ‘X,’ then that’s what you assume – you assume ‘X’ unless you’ve got a very good reason to think otherwise. It doesn’t mean ‘X’ can’t be wrong, it just means you can’t think that you’re wiser than everybody else because that’s just arrogant.”


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