Dr. Bex Lewis is a research fellow in social media at Durham University and author of the popular book Raising Children in the Digital Age. So we thought we’d have a chat with her about what it means to live well in a digital world.

Image by Mark Dodgeon. Used with permission.


Raising Children in the Digital Age


“It is very easy to go into a discussion and not know when to let go. So, if you’re chatting in a pub with someone and they just get really rude, you can maybe go, ‘I’m not going to talk to you anymore.’ Online, people just kind of keep going.”

“If you tell someone on Facebook that you hate them, that clearly is going to affect your face-to-face relationship, so it’s not a virtual little world where nothing else is happening – completely detached. And when you’re writing or speaking, you’re embodied, because you’re using your fingers to write, if you’re doing a Skype call your face is in view. So I think your body still connects to what you’re doing, so I don’t think it’s entirely virtual.”


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