Dave Andrews has committed his life to serving the poorest and most marginalised people through small, local Christian communities. He’s clearly a man who knows Jesus intimately, and has gained tremendous experience and wisdom. So why doesn’t he consider himself, or even strive to be, a ‘great man of God’?

Image provided by Dave Andrews. Used with permission.


Can You Hear the Heartbeat?: A Challenge to Care the Way Jesus Cared

Christi-Anarchy: Discovering a Radical Spirituality of Compassion


“I have deliberately chosen to locate myself in my local community and see myself not as a great man of God, but as a little brother of Jesus – trying to do little things with lots of love, which is a lot healthier for the people round about me because my approach is less imperial. And it’s a lot healthier for me, because I think it’s much more spiritual.”

“We have a really strong emphasis on redefining, redescribing, reclaiming and reframing power – not as power over others, but power within and power with others. We really believe that’s the heart of the revolution of Jesus. The trouble is, even alternative Christian groups are often just replicating the same hierarchies that they reject.”

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