Sara Miles was an atheist. Then one day, out of idle curiosity, she wandered into a church, had a bite of bread and a sip of wine and God came crashing into her life. Her response was to take the principles of communion and set up a food distribution centre around the altar of her church for anyone and everyone to enjoy. So tune in for some fascinating insights into what it means to eat at God’s table.

Image provided by Sara Miles. Used with permission.


Take this Bread


“That’s what it means to be a Christian, which is that your spiritual life and your physical life are completely mixed up; where people believe in the incarnation. So, the meaning – what you call the symbols, the depth, the connection that you find – the spirituality of food is not separate from its material.”

“I think the way that communion changes everything is precisely because of the universality and the catholicity of it – that it’s impossible to have this meal by yourself. This is the only meal in the world you can’t buy and you can’t eat it alone. So, all the business of religion that’s about exclusion or boundaries or drawing lines is subverted by this meal that’s offered for free to people who don’t deserve it, to people who aren’t prepared for it. And so there’s this constant tension, I think, between the power of the sacrament and the anxiety of the institution.”


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