Mike Stygal is a shaman (i.e. he whips himself up into an altered state of consciousness in order to hang out in the spirit world). He also happens to be the president of the Pagan Federation. Oh, and he’s married to a Christian. So he seems like the right guy to talk to about what Christians can learn from pagans (and indeed, what pagans can learn from Christians).

Image by Caz Galloway. Used with permission.


“Experiencing the realm of ‘spirit’ is something that would connect us. How we understand that connection of spirit – or what that spirit might be – might be different. I’ve talked to a lot of Christians or a lot of people from other faiths about their experience of the divine (if you want). And each person I’ve spoken to has expressed their personal experiences in a slightly different ways.”

“I think Christianity in terms of ‘the church’ hasn’t necessarily been Jesus’ best friend.”


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