The Rapture is a curious doctrine, as it’s not in the Bible, anywhere! But let’s pretend it’s real, and you missed it! How would you survive the collapse of civilisation? Lewis Dartnell‘s day job is to search for life on Mars, but for fun he wrote The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch. It may sound a tad abstract, but it sheds light on our relationship with the planet and with each other, and for us Christians, why Rapture theology is potentially so destructive.

Image provided by Shortlist/Paul Stuart. Used with permission.


The Knowledge: How to Rebuild our World from Scratch


“Right now, all of our eggs are in one basket – we cannot afford to mess up the Earth. Because we can’t migrate seven billion people to another planet. We do not have that option. We need to look after our world and keep things working.”

“If society collapses, you’re going to be better off with friends and people you trust and a community around you – just as we are today. Humanity’s a social species and I don’t see why that would need to change if civilization were to collapse.”


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  1. Taking Lewis’ words to heart, I took the risk, knowing that the alternative was “throw it away”, and fixed my wife’s hair dryer today.

    This is a good episode.

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