At the core of author and teacher Brad Jersak’s faith is the belief that God looks like Jesus. Simple enough, right? But what about the violent ‘God of the Old Testament’? What about the parable’s of Jesus that liken God to an angry king? And what about all the suffering in the world that God seems to simply stand by and watch. How do these look like Jesus? We caught up with Brad in Telford, and asked him to explain.

Image provided by Brad Jersak. Used with permission.

If you’re at all interested in who God is (!), then make sure you read A More Christlike God. And if you’re at all concerned about the possibility of Hell (!), then read Her Gates Will Never Be Shut. And there’s plenty more content on Brad’s website. And if that’s not enough, Brad wrote a cracking blog post for us called Why Did Jesus Die?

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6 comments on “Brad Jersak – A More Christlike God (N109)

  1. Judy Gale Nov 16, 2015

    So good, and really helpful for my faith journey!

    • I feel the same, Judy! Brad so clearly and gracefully reminded me of the centrality of Jesus. Great stuff!

  2. Mark Greenwood Aug 19, 2017

    Thank you for this wonderful interview. So encouraging.

    – beloved listener

  3. Reuben Anderson Mar 2, 2018

    Recently found Nomad, and I just listened to this last night.

    I felt my soul do one big, long, exhale. Jersak says everything that I’ve been wrestling with myself recently.

    Particularly liked the quote about “don’t ever try to rationalise evil. you always end up with an evil God”.

    Might need to listen again now. And buy the book.

    • Glad you found us Reuben!
      The Brad Jersak episode was a classic, wasn’t it? Great guy. We interviewed him again recently, about why he decided to join the Eastern Orthodox Church. Another great conversation! Tim

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