As if building a church of 10,000+, producing an international bestselling DVD series, writing critically acclaimed bestselling books, producing a hugely popular podcast, and having his own TV show wasn’t enough, Rob Bell has decided to write a novel. And much to the frustration of all us lesser talented mortals, it’s really rather good! But what does Millones Cajones reveal about Rob’s own struggle to find himself amidst all this success?

Image by Dixon. Used with permission.


Millones Cajones


“Am I trying to prove to people that I’m orthodox enough? No. Am I trying to prove to a particular tribe of Christians that I’m Christian enough? No. Am I trying to prove that I have a particular theological position about the Bible? Is that my goal? No. You know what I mean? Certain things just aren’t interesting.”

“The tradition is growth. The tradition is not just repeating everything over and over again. The tradition is actually to listen to the movement of Spirit in your life and around you and in the world and then go and grow and expand and learn and explore. The power to me of the Jesus tradition is the invitation to be a student and to become more courageous and more non-violent and more honest and more forgiving and more compassionate and more willing to love your enemy and more aware of the divine presence in every interaction – especially among ‘the least of these.’ That’s a path that I’ve just found endlessly compelling.”


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