On this edition of Nomad we thought we’d answer a few of your questions. Everything from ‘Who are you two?’, through to ‘Is there a north-south divide in heaven?’.

It’s a marathon 2 hour something ride of beer fuelled banter and ‘profound’ insights!

Images by Dave Fry. Used with permission.


“Hold onto the hope that if you’re not praying and reading your Bible for a couple of years, and all you do in the evening – like me – is watch box sets and drink red wine, Jesus still loves you.”

“Jesus is the pioneer of a deconstructed faith. He radically challenged the temple, radically challenged the inherited interpretations of the Old Testament. I’m just part of that movement. So, I’m more into Jesus now – I take Jesus much more seriously now – than I ever used to.”

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  1. Judy Gale Dec 19, 2015

    Tim and Dave, thank you for this, and all of the previous interviews! Blessings on the new year…
    Chapel Hill, NC

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