The UN said recently that ‘Gender-based violence is perhaps the most widespread and socially tolerated of human rights violations.’ We spoke to philosopher, sociologist and theologian Elaine Storkey about the reasons behind this, and how the church should respond. This led on to a fascinating discussion about what it really means to be a man. Tune in for an eye-opening, challenging and hope-filled conversation.

Image provided by SPCK Publishing. Used with permission.

Scars Across Humanity is a thoroughly researched work, balanced with many heartbreaking and inspiring stories. It’s a must read. And check out Elaine’s other books while you’re at it. And her blog


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One comment on “Elaine Storkey: Scars Across Humanity (N114)

  1. Judy Gale Jan 30, 2016

    Thank you for covering this! I work with college students and can assure you that sexual violence has no boundaries (cultural, socioeconomic, etc.). It is a sad reality that leaves everyone involved traumatized (PTSD). There needs to be more effort towards prevention.

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