Jamie Arpin-Ricci joins us on the latest leg of our Nomadic pilgrimage of hope. Jamie felt called to leave his comfortable middle class life and move to a high poverty and crime inner-city area. Obviously this presented many challenges, but none more so than being confronted by his own vulnerability. So we ask Jamie to reflect on what it means to make ourselves vulnerable before God and those around us, and how this can shape the communities we’re apart of.

Image provided by Jamie Arpin-Ricci. Used with permission.

Want more Jamie? Of course you do. Check out Vulnerable Faith, The Cost of Community and his other books. And make sure you have a look at his blog.

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2 comments on “Jamie Arpin-Ricci – A Vulnerable Faith (N115)

  1. Melanie Feb 10, 2016

    Listening to you two for several months and THIS is my favorite podcast so far. They’re all good, but this one got me. Getting on with it as you both said it so what we need today.

    Melanie from Texas.

    • Really glad you found it helpful, Melanie. I love the way Jamie is just getting on with his calling. Tim

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