When our faith is shifting we’re often met with a variety of challenging responses from others. Drawing from her research, Olivia Jackson helps us to consider whether or not these responses reflect the lived experiences of those who are deconstructing.

Afterwards Nick and Joy reflect on their own paths as they consider the impact of others’ views on their evolving spirituality.

Interview starts at 14m 34s

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Olivia Jackson


(Un)Certain: A Collective Memoir of Deconstructing Faith


“For a lot of people deconstruction involves a certain amount of self-preservation, which is not the same as selfishness.”

“The vast majority of those who carefully pick apart what they’ve been taught and what they’ve been committed to, what they’ve belonged to – their core identity – they’ve been profoundly committed and it costs them a great deal to go through a deconstruction. Why bother deconstructing something if you’re just not committed to it?”

“I don’t think deconstruction itself is a choice. For most people, it is too painful a process to walk away and to completely uproot your identity and community.”

“As I move away from the faith that I grew up in, I actually conversely feel more of the peace that that world promised.”

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