Instead of our regular show we’re treating you to a Nomad Devotional. Community development worker, Simon Jay reflects on life in his neighbourhood and his discovery of urban walking as a form of prayer and community building. David Blower responds with music and ambient sounds.

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Image used with permission.


“If instead of driving through the main [road] arteries we were to walk to our church, no matter how long it took — and whilst walking we intentionally crossed the different boundary lines and went through different neighbourhoods — I wonder if most of us would ever reach our church. Not because it’s too far, but simply because we come across communities and neighbourhoods and stories that compel us to stay there.”

“Walking is prayer, for me. A lot of people, when they practise prayer, they speak — but for me, the very act of walking is prayer. When I walk, particularly when I am walking intentionally…I ask God to reveal himself to me within the very fabric of those places and spaces. I have this quite profound and moving encounter, of seeing God emerge through the most unlikeliest of places.”

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