In this Easter devotional podcast, Vanessa Chamberlin reflects on biblical narratives and personal mystical experiences as she navigates the intersection of theology, art, and ecological consciousness.

Following Vanessa’s reflection, Anna Robinson creates a contemplative space for us to more deeply reflect on and experience this spirituality of the land.

All this is beautifully woven together with the [on location] music of Jon Bilbrough, known musically as Wilderthorn.

Vanessa’s reflection begins at 5m 52s.

Image used with permission


Vanessa Chamberlin Art

Vanessa Chamberlin Spiritual Direction

Anna Robinson



“I’m not trying to paint landscape – I’m not trying to paint things that look like the thing I’m looking at – I’m trying to train myself to respond to land in paint, by which I mean bringing the whole of myself: my body, my feelings, my imagination, my mind, my spirit.”

“I often feel like in those moments where you think something really new has just happened you actually realize that life has been leading up to that point for a while.”

“If women’s voices that are aware of knowledge residing and being rooted in different parts of them – and their body is one of them – are making space in the Jewish-Christian theological tradition, that is exciting.”


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