In this episode we speak with writer, speaker and researcher, Vicky Walker. Vicky conducted a survey with nearly 1500 people about their experiences of the changing nature of relationships and how, if at all, their faith and churches have helped them make sense of this. It turns out (spoiler alert!) the Church hasn’t always been that helpful. So where do we look for signs of hope in these confusing times? 

After the interview, Nomad hosts Tim Nash, Jemimah McAlpine and Nick Thorley discuss how the evangelical faith they inherited shaped their view of sex and relationships, and how these views have changed since their deconstruction.

Interview starts at 14m 5s

Image taken by Katie Garner. Used with permission.


Relatable: Exploring God, Love & Connection in the Age of Choice

Do I Have To Be Good All The Time


“I think that relational approach is probably the thing that will revolutionize the conversation, because it will just stop meaning ‘this one thing or failure,’ which is where I think a lot of people have felt pressured themselves.” 

“What we expect of church probably needs to change…we shouldn’t look to church to be the thing that fixes all of our relational needs…it shouldn’t misrepresent them either, or demand a loyalty to something that can’t work.”


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