Rachel Held Evans is a hugely successful and influential progressive Christian blogger, author and speaker. We talk to Rachel about her journey from a conservative evangelical faith characterised by certainty, to wrestling with questions, doubt, cynicism and despair, through to a new kind of faith. And we discuss the trials and tribulations of embarking on this journey under the gaze of social media. It’s a fascinating and insightful story.



Want more (really? the interview was an hour long!)? Then check out her blog, and her honest, insightful and challenging books Faith Unravelled, A Year of Biblical Womanhood, and Searching for Sunday.

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One comment on “Rachel Held Evans – Losing My [Evangelical] Religion (N97)

  1. Peter Jun 28, 2015

    Really enjoyed this interview. I’ve been familiar with Rachel and her journey for a number of years. Although English and converted there at 20, I’ve spent most of my adult life around American Pentecostals and Evangelicals. Early on, it was a life-ruining experience. In recent years, my relationship with Jesus has been completely re-born and I can relate to you guys and Rachel completely.

    Glad to have found Nomad. Look forward to listening to old and new podcasts.