In this podcast theologian and author Bethany Sollereder explores the complex intersection of animal suffering, the evolutionary process and divine love. She reflects on God’s role in the face of suffering, the possibility of redemption for non-human animals, and creation’s journey towards love and maturity. It’s a fascinating conversation about theology, evolution, and the ultimate purpose of creation.

Interview starts at 15m 57s

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God, Evolution, and Animal Suffering: Theodicy without a Fall

Why Is There Suffering?: Pick Your Own Theological Expedition


“The world isn’t fallen; it’s immature.”

“I think God delights in every creature who lives for however briefly.”

“God created a process in which creatures can create themselves. I don’t think that every outcome of evolutionary processes is God’s specific design.”

“More often than we’re really comfortable with admitting, the act of love is one of letting the other be.”

“When I watch the news or when I look at institutions, I often don’t have much hope. But when I look at how people behave one-on-one, then I have great hope. I see kindness, I see love, I see the desire to grow in goodness and love. And I’m often astounded by acts of generosity and by the sacrifice that people are willing to make.”

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