For many of us, the charismatic movement has been a mixed bag of bonkers and blessing. The danger is, of course, that we throw the blessed baby out with the bonkers bathwater! Especially for those of us who have been through some kind of deconstruction, we can easily end up rationalising away anything mystical.

So we asked Brad Jersak to help us think all this through. Brad is a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church and is deeply contemplative. But he’s also a charismatic. So we ask him what the charismatic and contemplative traditions can learn from each other, and whether contemplation can help take some of the crazy out of the charismatic.

Image taken by Tim Nash. Used with permission.

If you want more from Brad, then our previous interviews with him – A More Christlike God and The Orthodox Way – are a pretty good place to start.  And his book, A More Christlike God is a must read!

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One comment on “Brad Jersak – On Charismatics and Contemplation (N186)

  1. Judy Gale Dec 5, 2018

    Thank you for this!!!!!

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