We speak with author and teacher, Brad Jersak about his book Out of the Embers: Faith After the Great Deconstruction, and how his dark night of the soul led him to a 12 Step program, the Eastern Orthodox Church and to a new kind of faith. Brad also reflects on the roots of what he refers to as The Great Deconstruction, and the wider cultural shifts that situate our evolving faith.

After the interview Nomad hosts Tim Nash and Nick Thorley ponder their own evolving faith journey, how they’ve been shaped by a changing culture, and how they now relate to Christianity.

Interview starts at 18m 36s

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Brad Jersak


Out of the Embers: Faith After the Great Deconstruction

Her Gates Will Never Be Shut: Hope, Hell, and the New Jerusalem

A More Christlike God: A More Beautiful Gospel

A More Christlike Word: Reading Scripture the Emmaus Way


“You’re allowed to ask questions. Question your assumptions; question your constructs. And so, we have a construct of the world, a construct of God, a construct of church, a construct of faith. A construct is not the thing itself, it’s my ideas about it.”

“The more I’ve come to forgive myself for who I was, the less I’m projecting anger and bitterness on other people.”

“‘Christianity’ is a brand – it’s a movement – and it has some significant differences from following Jesus.”


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  1. Maggie Jones May 19, 2023

    It must be encounters like this that make all that grafting away in your shed worthwhile Tim. Brad’s humility and willingness to be vulnerable are so is inspiring.

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