David Benjamin Blower is a prophet in the Old Testament tradition. Using music and the written word, he creatively and insightfully points the finger at himself and the world around him railing at the injustices he sees. So brace yourself for some hope-filled challenge!

Image provided by David Blower. Used with permission.


Kingdom vs. Empire

Sympathy for Jonah: Reflections on Humiliation, Terror and the Politics of Enemy-Love


“The culture that worship music draws on is mass culture and I find mass culture individualizing, de-peoplizing, alienating, top-down, disempowering – all these things. It has the ilk of a product that’s sold to millions of individuals.”

“I think the image of God is rooted in the love of other and to base the economics of your society on self-interest creates a very uncomfortable place for me to live in as someone who’s trying to follow, you know, the two greatest commandments: love God and love your neighbour as yourself. Capitalism just turns that completely upside-down: love yourself, then your neighbour, and then God (if you believe in Him, maybe).”

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