Nomad made a commitment a while back to have a lot more women on the show. So we thought it was about time we looked at the theology behind that decision. Jenni Williams lectures in Old Testament Studies in Oxford, is an Associate Minister in the Anglican Church, and wrote God Remembered Rachel: Women’s Stories in the Old Testament and Why They Matter. So Jenni seemed like a pretty good person to ask, Why Not Women?

Image provided by Jenni Williams. Used with permission.


God Remembered Rachel: Women’s Stories in the Old Testament and Why They Matter


“There are stories where God remains silent – stories about women and men – but I wonder whether the silence in some cases is actually the author saying, ‘Well, make your mind up about this. Make your own judgement.’ Part of the reading of these stories is the times when the author doesn’t give us a neatly packaged moral and doesn’t say, “Right – here’s what you learn from this. This is how you teach your Sunday School class.’ It’s about grown-up reading.”

“Within what [the Bible] does say about what it means to be either a man or a woman, I think it essentially focuses on what it means to be human. And that is to be called to be in relationship with God and to be His image on Earth.”


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