Wendy is passionate about creating ‘generous spaces’ in churches, where people with different understanding of sexuality can meet together without judgment, listen to each others stories and to seek Jesus together. Sounds great! But is it realistic? Have a listen and find out!

Image provided by Wendy VanderWal Gritter. Used with permission.


Generous Spaciousness: Responding To Gay Christians In The Church


“I think we are in a time of necessarily needing to reimagine what being the people of God in community will look like and same-sex relationships is just one of the catalysts that is forcing the church in large part because our young people are saying, ‘This is ridiculous. I mean, I love my gay friends. They’re fabulous. What’s the problem?’ And [their] walking out the door is forcing the church to look at all those other things – particularly our relationship with Scripture.”

“If Jesus is for us, if Jesus is promising us an abundance of life, if Jesus loves our humanity, then why do we feel less human in this pursuit of supposed wholeness? And so I think a lot of people began to say, ‘God can do anything, but the pattern doesn’t seem to be that He changes people’s sexual orientation.’


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