The former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams carries a lifelong love for the theology and practice of the Eastern Church. His recent book, Looking East in Winter gives a window into the beautiful contemplative practices of the Eastern tradition.

In this conversation we explore the life of contemplation, political solidarity, simplicity, and “the natural process of becoming natural.”

Interview starts at 16m 32s

Image used with permission.


Looking East in Winter: Contemporary Thought and the Eastern Christian Tradition


The Space Between – Rowan Williams and David Benjamin Blower


“It’s always important – in any context of conflict or debate – to stand back at some point and say, ‘What’s the real question and why does it matter?’”

“One of the things which I think any spiritual tradition worth its salt has to say to you at some point is, ‘Get used to it. You are a material being. You just are something that changes, something that grows, something that can be hurt. Get used to it.’ Because anything else is going to be a really dangerous myth.”

“Insofar as we become simple in the life of faith, it’s that we shed some of the tangles and knots that stop us responding as we should to the truth of God – God’s life.”

“To be truthful about God, you don’t have to try and tell the whole truth about God – because you can’t.

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  1. Jill Foulger Dec 11, 2021

    Thanks for this interview, it was so helpful in describing the Trinity. Can you tell me what is the name and spelling of the 18th century Greek document he referred to in the beginning of the interview? Many thanks

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