Mark Yaconelli is – among many other things – a storyteller. Such is his belief in the power of stories that he founded The Hearth, a gathering of local people who simply share their own stories. Mark has seen this simple gathering profoundly impact his local community. So we ask Mark why it is that stories can have this effect, and what role stories played in his own ‘dark night of the soul’. So tune into the podcast to rediscover the ancient practice of storytelling.

Image provided by Mark Yaconelli. Used with permission.

If you are desirous of more Mark, then have a look at his blog, and his many splendid books. To dig deeper into his understanding of the transforming power of stories, look no further than Disappointment, Doubt and Other Spiritual Gifts.

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2 comments on “Mark Yaconelli – The Transforming Power of Stories (N131)

  1. Really enjoyed this episode, but just thought I’d play devils advocate for your talk on prophecy at the end. Undoubtably the people who gave those words on being a big Christian leader envisaged some massive mega church leader and maybe you guys did too. But those are just the expectations we put on the prophecies we get. I once went to a pretty big church (about a 1000 people) and the leader of that church was seen as quite a big deal, but I imagine the reach of this podcast exceeds that 1000 people and that its ‘leading’ a lot of people on a faith journey. So in a sense those prophecies weren’t wrong. Just right in an unexpected way.

    • Hi Ian. Thanks for posting this, very encouraging!
      Interestingly, as I was editing this episode exactly the same thought occurred to me! It’s funny how things turn out isn’t it?!

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