“If we want our world to be more beautiful, kind and fair, then shouldn’t our activism be beautiful, kind and fair?” It’s obvious when you hear someone say it. So why is so much activism loud and aggressive? Sarah Corbett burnt out on just this kind of activism, partly because she’s an introvert, and partly because she increasingly doubted its effectiveness. So she formed the Craftivist Collective “an inclusive group of people committed to using thoughtful, beautiful crafted works to help themselves and encourage others be the positive change they wish to see in the world.”

Sarah’s is a fascinating story. And the collective she founded is a truly inspiring and challenging movement!

After the interview Nomad hosts Tim Nash and David Blower reflect on Sarah’s activism journey and the role activism has played in their own evolving faith.

Interview begins at 12m 36s

Image by Jenny Lewis. Used with permission.


How to be a Craftivist: The Art of Gentle Protest


TEDx: Activism Needs Introverts

TEDx: The Art of Gentle Protest


“Lots of people hold an object to disciple themselves, to anchor themselves and pray. I felt like craft was an incredible way for me to really reflect on how to be an effective activist, how to engage more deeply on a particular issue, how to empathize with the perpetrators, the victims and everyone in between. So, the process of craft really clicked with me for activism. And then it happened really organically in a way that looking back I’m like, ‘God, you work in weird ways.’”

“I’m not saying people should stop shouting. I think sometimes we do need to be above the power a bit and say, ‘What is happening here?’ But I think when you start saying, ‘This person is awful, we need to change them,’ there’s a big difference between those two things. And often sadly the angry stuff clouds our judgement; our anger gives us a hot head and we say stuff that can put us backwards rather than forwards.”


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