I know, we only just interviewed Walter Brueggemann! But he’s just brought a book out entitled Money and Possessions and we’ve still got unresolved questions after our chat with Justin Welby on that subject. So why not spend another hour in the digital presence of one of the great biblical scholars of our time?! And as you’d expect, it was an hour chock-full of wisdom and insight!

Image provided by Westminster John Knox Press Used with permission.

If you want more from Walter, then dig into his many wonderful books. Money and Possessions is a thorough  and engaging (and fairly academic) tour through the Bible, analysing it’s ’tilt’ towards economic justice.  Do also make sure you check out The Prophetic Imagination, and if you haven’t already, have a listen to our recent conversation with Walter about Sabbath as Resistance

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2 comments on “Walter Brueggemann – Kingdom vs. Cash? (N153)

  1. Martin Hull Aug 25, 2017

    Dear Tim and Dave. I listened with interest to your interview with Walter Brueggemann on the subject of the sabbath. One aspect of the concept of sabbath that I most struggle with is how to achieve a day of rest as a family when children generate so many instantaneous demands. Brueggemann didn’t seem to make any comment on this in the interview. Any wisdom on this – or know anyone who has written/spoken on this challenge?

    • Hi Martin,
      Great to hear from you. I’ve been pondering this question the last few years, as I often find weekends more tiring than the working week! I still haven’t come really come up with an answer though. We just try to make the sabbath feel different, (however simply that might be) even if it isn’t entirely restful. That way it gives a sense of shape and rhythm to the week. That’s as far as we’ve got with it really. Tim

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