Gungor – a multi-grammy nominated Christian band – were the toast of the evangelical worship scene. That is until it became clear that Michael was having significant doubts about his faith. This did not go down well among evangelicals, to say the least. So we talk with Michael and his wife Lisa about the impact this faith deconstruction had on their music, their careers and, more significantly, their marriage.

Image provided by The Liturgists. Used with permission.

Make sure you check out Gungor’s latest musical offering, their One Wild Life trilogy. Michael also blogs, and of course joins up with Science Mike to produce the rather splendid The Liturgists Podcast, which emerged from the work of a collection of artists and creators known as The Liturgists.

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5 comments on “Michael and Lisa Gungor – Music for Doubters and the Disenchanted (N133)

  1. Rod Williams Nov 13, 2016

    Thank you Tim and Dave for introducing us (beloved listeners for a couple of years now) to the Gungors and also to their music, which is great – sensitive, thoughtful, calming. Dave, you’ll be pleased to know that today, while we were listening to the Gungors and the happy hubbub of Greenbelt outside the tent, I glanced at the clock . . . it was 1:11!!! That must signify a special importance for this particular podcast, and I suppose that’s what prompted me to write this comment.
    My wife, Maria, and I are looking forward to the first Gathering in Nottingham, even though we, sadly, won’t be there! We think that you will all have a blast. And when you make it to Australia for a Nomad tour/holiday, please be our guests in the beautiful South Coast hinterland of New South Wales. Rod

    • Another 111 incident! I’m starting to wonder if there’s something in this!

      Glad you enjoyed the Gungor’s. They were a lovely couple, it was great to meet them! Their journey gave us so much to ponder.

      You’ll be the first to know when Nomad’s international tour kick’s off! Until then


  2. Ed Freshwater Nov 29, 2016

    It always astonishes me how nasty and bitter the “Christian” world reacts when someone has questions; in that sense it is totalitarian and judgemental. What a bizarre way for people to behave when they say God is Love.

    Fantastic use of ambient hovercraft.

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